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"Andrew (who we lovingly dubbed AJK) helped the NYU Cleftomaniacs take our act to the next level. He provided a comfortable, judgement-free environment to help the group record the best version of ourselves. I've also recorded with AJK on some personal non-a cappella projects where he showed the same amount of dedication and care for the final product. Would recommend, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, 10 out of 10, etc, etc ,etc."


- Alley Cagnazzi, NYU Cleftomaniacs



"Andrew John Kim is phenomenal. From a musical standpoint, he was he able to take many our arrangements to the next level and is extremely talented at giving direction and coaching singers to the best of their abilities. Thanks to Andrew's guidance and skill with music engineering, I can safely say there isn't a single track on our CD I don't love.  


Most importantly though, Andrew is able to connect with the singers in a group. At the time only one member had ever recorded before, and many of us didn't know what to expect. During the recording process itself, he ensured we were all comfortable and understood exactly what was happening. But even after our recording week was over, Andrew continued working with us. He worked with us until we were 500% satisfied with each track, and made himself completely available to us to offer advice as we moved forward with the production process. Andrew made what could have been an incredibly stressful process one of the most enjoyable and fun weeks of my collegiate a cappella career."


- Emma Fensterheim, UMD Mezumenet



"It was an absolute joy to work with Andrew! He guides you through every step of the CD making process and manages to make a seemingly daunting task run smoothly.  He has incredible creative instincts that really took our project to the next level!"


- Amanda Triglia, UPenn Penny Loafers

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